Couple Counselling

Couples counselling may benefit couples who find themselves engaged in frequent conflict, experiencing unsatisfying communication patterns, having power struggles, having sexual difficulties, experiencing betrayal or any other threat to their relationship. In counselling, the couple becomes the client (the focus of attention) and the counsellor is an advocate for improving the dynamics in the relationship.

Counselling is based on the couple meeting the counsellor together to focus on the process of healing by identifying the issues, rebuilding communication, and putting in place a practical plan to cultivate a healthy and rewarding relationship.

The first session can be an individual or a couple session based on your situation or how comfortable you both are. However, a couple session if possible would be a good start

The first session will be an assessment session for the Counsellor to give a listening ear and understand your concerns. The Counselor may also share observations of the assessment and suggest what steps can be taken towards helping your situation as an Individual or Couple

For better results we do recommend 6-8 sessions over a period of 3 months

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