Body Image Disorder

Body image is the perception someone has of his or her own body. Poor body image can range from feelings of shame and self-judgment to eating disorders, surgery, self-hatred, added stress and unhappiness in our relationships and worse, unhappiness with ourselves.

For some, the preoccupation with food, weight gain (or loss), and physical appearance can also lead to eating disorders. Through counselling, we support clients in achieving a healthy relationship with food and in accepting themselves and their bodies in their natural form.

The central focus is for clients to feel heard and understood in their struggles with body image and food.

Our trained professionals will help create an awareness of the causes that leads to such perceptions and work with the individual to gain a greater degree of self-awareness and understanding to improve self-esteem as well as mental and physical health.

Counselling and therapy is geared towards moving from unhealthy behaviorus to learning new and powerful approaches and techniques for dealing with ones emotions.

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