Separation and Divorce

Many couples in troubled relationships wait too long to get help. By the time both parties agree to counselling, the relationship has often been strained to the breaking point. Divorce and separation can be an inherently stressful time because the ending of a relationship is a painful and complex experience. Settling relationships involve legal, parental, financial, emotional, mental, and family/social considerations. Minimising conflict and the negative impact it has on children is a priority that requires effective communication and careful planning.

Communication skills, problem solving strategies, conflict resolution and stress reduction abilities are essential. Counselling is an important factor for non-combative relationship change. It focuses on the present, not the past. It helps people identify negative interaction patterns, recognise their individual role in them and do their part to change them. We focus on getting to know our clients, learning what their relationship issues are, and then moving forward with techniques that encourage the building of new skills.